Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaner

Clean, backup and optimize your Windows registry easily with Registry Cleaner
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In Microsoft Windows, the registry file stores information about our system's configuration, options, programs and more. Thus, every time we made a change in our OS, like installing/uninstalling a program, deleting files or folders and so on, the registry reflects these changes, making it bulky and overloaded. This causes our system to work slowly. Nevertheless, manually editing the registry is a time-consuming and risky task, since if we delete an entry that is needed for a process to tun efficiently, our entire system can collapse. Thus, a program that can clean and fix our registry automatically will always be welcome. Registry Cleaner is such a program. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface allows us to detect all the incorrect registry entries and select those we want to delete. The program shows the detected errors sorted by categories, so we can see what type of errors are the most numerous. Also, the program can make a backup of the original registry so we can restore it if needed. All of these functions and more are performed easily by clicking on the appropriate buttons.
The trial version shows a "nag screen"every time you start the program. Also, you can fix only five errors. If you want to take advantage of all the program's features, then you need to purchase the full version, which is very reasonably priced.

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